Mexico creates the National Centre for Human Identification; collectives and activists see it as a big step.

Specialists regret that the National Centre for Human Identification will not have the budget and necessary resources since the Centre will depend on the National Search Commission.

Specialists, human rights defenders, and people searching for their relatives agreed that creating the National Centre for Human Identification (CNIH) is an excellent step in the fight against the disappearance of people. However, they warned it was worrying that it was born without resources.

Santiago Corcuera, the specialist of the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances, said that it is “excellent news given the enormous dimension of the forensic crisis in which the country is plunged” and celebrated the speed with which institutions responded to the recommendations of the report made by the United Nations Committee. “In Mexico, inadequate equipment, qualified personnel, and appropriate forensic identification facilities persist and call for improving genetic data management.”

Cecilia Flores from “Buscadoras de Sonora” hopes the creation of the Centre does not impede their work as collectives in search of their relatives.

José Reveles, a journalist who is specialized in disappearances, celebrated the creation of the CNIH, which, he said, “will be relevant, to the extent that it concentrates all the information that is dispersed, so that things improve in this humanitarian crisis, a country can’t have tens of thousands of people who have not been able to be identified.”

Finally, César Pérez, a human rights defender, stressed that “it is important to provide scientific criteria to this center that will try to pay a historical debt to relatives looking for their loved ones.”

By Miguel A. Rivera. Excelsior

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