These are part of a letter sent by a Greek citizen (Edo Aspropoupoulos)…. A TRIP THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: MEXICO

I am from Greece.  I am a Fine Arts student and I’ve always had the illusion of knowing places outside Europe, other cultures and other landscapes.  So I decided to ask for a scholarship to go to Mexico. I was pretty lucky and my dream was fulfilled. I got a scholarship in 2010 to study Fine Arts at UNAM!
My joy was great! I had always wanted travel to Mexico, to know its ancestral culture, see its precious relics, art before and now, the beautiful landscapes I saw in pictures, and enjoy its famous cuisine. Friends who had already travelled before to Mexico returned with the best impressions and all were eager to return!

Classes began.  I met my teachers, who I will never forget. Very valuable people, mature people who had many things to teach, about art, about life, above all…. Mexico care is a huge melting pot of cultures, a dazzling combination of cultures and ancient religions, the Spanish inheritance and Catholicism, signs of globalization and the influences of neighbouring countries. It is a very special, extremely interesting to observe and think about this amalgam. But first of all;Life itself! So much life that manifests itself in so many ways. Without many things, without worldly wealth, but with great quality! I made valuable friendships and learned a lot from them! I became emotionally involved with a person.  Soon, this relationship became very important to me.  I spend a whole year in Mexico. My relationship became a promise of marriage and my life will never be the same after this experience…
I chose to stay a year, in Mexico to learn the other side of things – the rivers of sweat of the workers who cannot provide to their families, the tough look of robbers, and the fear of mothers who wait for their daughters at night.  I decided to learn about exploitation and inequality, pain, and the multiple wounds in the social fabric, wounds suffered by Mexico’s body for years…I returned to Greece. But my story with Mexico did not end there. I joined my life to that of a wonderful person who was waiting for my return….
The hardest hit, would not even imagine could be true and so close to my life. My boyfriend is gone, deprived of their liberty without news, held incommunicado since July 22, 2012, along with his two colleagues.
My boyfriend Diego Maldonado Castañeda is psychologist, works with children and adolescents, is a person who believes that good education is the vehicle for the future, a person who loves his country, to its traditions, its rites, its multiple cultures, is a person who has always honored his homeland and has striven to social welfare.
Two months ago, he was a victim of enforced disappearance, in the region of Paracho Michoacan, where he went along with Ana Belém Sanchez, psychologist and Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, comunications specialist to offer science workshops for children and young people in Paracho.  He was “levantado” or disappeared in his hotel with his two companions….
Two months have passed and my future has been erased. I am unable to see the next day, for me there is a tomorrow without Diego. There is nothing else there if it does not end the evil and injustice!
I can now feel firsthand the pain and sadness of thousands of Mexicans who live this…There is no step back my life will never be same after this.The purpose of this letter is to prevent a similar situation from happening again.  We need to join forces and work together to provide security to Mexico, to give the highest value, that is the value that is in life. Care for the future of all, the future of Mexico, raise its high ideals and heal the wounds. We need to put a stop to the violence now! … We must develop collective consciousness against the forces of powers that strengthen crime and destroy the social fabric and human life.
I make a request for the return of my beloved colleague Diego Maldonado and one more for all those people who suffer under similar conditions.
I hope for a new era without violence, an era in which all can live in peace and equality, without fear, without prejudice.

One thought on “These are part of a letter sent by a Greek citizen (Edo Aspropoupoulos)…. A TRIP THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: MEXICO

  1. I fell great empatyhy for your situation having had a similar if less extreme exerience of Mexico (whre I am now) I wish you all the best and hope your friend can belocated

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