In the state of Mexico entity, the civil society received training on protocols of enforced disappearance.

DIARIO PORTAL June 24, 2022

The State of Mexico offered online training on the “Approved Protocol for the Search for Disappeared and Missing Persons” because women must be constantly prepared.

In providing the training, Sol Salgado Ambros, Commissioner for the Search of Persons in the State of Mexico, reported that, at the national level, there are more than 100,000 people whose whereabouts are unknown. She considers that disappearances are the symptom, not the problem, so these cases must be addressed operationally, scientifically, and mainly, in a humanistic way.

The commissioner explained that the Approved Protocol for the Search for Disappeared and Missing Persons is an instrument created by specialists and civil society organizations, as well as families, since they became not only the users and recipients of the services but also participatory actors.

Salgado Ambros pointed out that families have the right to participate in the search, just as the disappeared have the right to be searched; it is a priority to act immediately when the whereabouts of any person are unknown.

The operational guiding axes of coordination are the optimal use of resources, the gender approach, the preservation of life and personal integrity, and the approach to the right of children and adolescents, in addition to management and access to information, among other measures.

Sol Salgado stressed that the protocol establishes the generation of a single directory, where the municipal authority generates a permanent contact. Therefore 24 hours and 365 days, there are authorities to contact over the phone to make the search efficient.

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