Disappearances in Mexico: Mothers ask for dialogue with Mexican President AMLO

On May 10, “Mother’s Day,” collectives of mothers organized a march to make visible the crisis in terms of disappeared people in the country and demand their search.

Collectives of mothers and relatives of disappeared persons marched this May 10 to protest against the disappearance crisis in Mexico. This is “the eleventh March of National Dignity: Mothers looking for their daughters and sons, truth, and justice”.

The march integrated more than 60 groups of relatives that are part of the Movement for our disappeared in Mexico.

Some of these groups are outside the National Palace, demanding dialogue with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to address the crisis as a priority issue.


Madres de desaparecidos exigen diálogo con López Obrador en Palacio Nacional este 10 de mayo. (Twitter @movNDmx)

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