Relatives in search of disappeared persons request to the government more technology

Tamaulipas’ “colectivos” (collectives), who are focused on the search for the disappeared, requested the authority: “we need technology because we work with shovels, picks, and machetes.” From the collective “Buscando el camino hacia encontrarlo” (Looking for the way to find him), from Aldama, Cinthia Medina reported that they search with limited resources. “We have shovels, picks, machetes; with that, we work to scratch the earth and remove the remains,” said the activist, who has been looking for her brother for eight years.

“We need drones, something that would help us obtain a different view from above, to see the remains,” said the activist from Tamaulipas. She carries a device around her neck, which is the only technology the Tamaulipas authority has provided to her. She has to use the panic button if she feels in danger. “In case I feel in danger, I use the button, and the authorities start tracking me,” said the woman, mother of a baby who wears a T-shirt with her brother’s photo. She reported that there are more than 200 families with missing persons in the municipality of Aldama; there are even families who suffered the disappearance of two of their members.

Milenio. Jesús Alberto García. April 2, 2022.

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