Today Mexican federal police attacked #Ayotzinapa students

Today, December 14, 2014, federal police attacked Ayotzinapa students in Chilpancingo, the capital city of the state of Guerrero, when the latter were organizing the concert “A Light in the Darkness”. This concert was supposed to take place tonight as a solidarity activity with the 42 missing students.

There are around 17 people injured, among them two relatives of the disappeared students, students of Ayotzinapa’s Teachers College, faculty of the CETEG and students from Mexico’s National University #UNAM.

The victims were denied medical assistance at the Red Cross. The federal police also took away the phones, wallets and shoes belonging to those injured during the attack.

Follow this link to listen to audio in Spanish from one of the witnesses of the attack and get the full briefing note from Tlachinollan Human Rights in Spanish.

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