Disappearance and Murder of Education Students in Guerrero, Mexico

From Tlachinollan Human Rights Centre (September 29th, 2014)

On September 26, 2014, three students from the Rural Teacher Training School of the town of Ayotzinapa were among six people murdered extrajudicially by the municipal police of Iguala, Guerrero. This is a continuation of violence against the students of this school. In 2011, two students from this school were victims of extrajudicial killings during a public demonstration for better and inclusive education and job opportunities.

What happened?

On September 26th, 2014, 80 students from the Rural Teacher Training School of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero boarded three buses to travel to the capital of the state after collecting funds for their underfunded school. Municipal police vehicles cut these buses off and started shooting at the passengers without warning, killing and injuring several others students.

This shooting lasted 40 minutes forcing some students to flee the area of the attack while others were thrown to the floor by police and unlawfully detained. In total, 20 students were detained by police forces of the municipality of Iguala, Guerrero.

While students briefed the media on the attack and the location of the shootings, a truck arrived and the occupants began shooting students and reporters, resulting in the death of two more students and two professors.

The whereabouts of the detained 27 students and the location of 30 students that fled the attack remained unknown for four days. In total, 57 students went missing on September 26th. Later that day, the Public Prosecutor’s office notified the students and the press of the discovery of the dead body of a student three blocks away from the location of the attacks. The student’s body showed gruesome signs of torture, dismemberment of the eyes and skinning of the face.

On September 27th, the students from the Rural Teacher Training School denounced the attacks to the States Attorney’s Office of Guerrero and inquired about the whereabouts of the detained students. The director of Public Safety informed them that there was no record of these detentions and allowed the students to verify that their classmates were not in any of the cells.

On September 30th, 2014, only 13 students were located.

For more information, read article from The Guardian.

For original press release, click here.

Call for action!!!!

Human rights organization and the students from the Rural Teacher Training School of Ayotzinapa demand the following from federal and state authorities:

  • An investigation into the attacks and arrest of all members of the municipal police responsible.
  • Charges of negligence against federal and state authorities that allowed for these
    attacks to happen.
  • Disclosure of the whereabouts of the 57 students and their safe return.
  • Provision of psychological and medical assistance to those affected by the attacks.
  • Access to justice and truth.
  • Precautionary measures to guarantee the safety of the students and human rights defenders that continue to denounce the attacks by municipal police and others.

Send this call for action to:

Lic. Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Ministry of Interior, secretario@segob.gob.mx

Lic. Jesús Murillo Karam, General State Attorney’s Office, ofproc@pgr.gob.mx

Lic. Ángel Aguirre Heladio, Governor of the State of Guerrero, gobernador@guerrero.gob.mx

Lic. Jesús Martínez Garnelo, Ministry of Interior, State of Guerrero Palacio de Gobierno,contacto@guerrero.gob.mx, secretariageneral@guerrero.gob.mx

Lic. Iñaki Blanco Cabrera, State Attorney’s Office of the State of Guerrero, pgj@guerrero.gob.mx

Dr. Raúl Plascencia Villanueva, President of the National Human Rights Commission correo@cndh.org.mx, presidencia@cndh.org.mx

Lic. Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno, President of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Guerrero, coddehum@prodigy.net.mx

Javier Hernández Valencia, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights quejasoacnudhmexico@ohchr.org ; oacnudh@ohchr.org

Dr. Emilio Alvarez Icaza, Executive Secretary, Inter American Commission of Human Rights, cidhoea@oas.org

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