Positive outcomes from civil society’s peaceful struggle.

Press Release CADHAC 23 December 2013 BP No. 1312/40

On December 19th, 2013, a judge in the state of Nuevo León granted federal protection and an amparo to María Elva Garza Ríos and Janeth de Jesús Olazarán Balderas. They are the mother and daughter respectively of Jehú Abraham Sepúlveda Garza, a victim of enforced disappearance. María Elva and Janeth, with the support of CADHAC, filed a law suit against a state judge’s decision to release the suspects of enforced disappearance of Jehú. The writ of amparo refers to the ability of victims of crime to claim that a court’s decision is unconstitutional. This means that a new court decision has to be issued in relation to the suspects of the disappearance of Jehú. For more information on this press release, please read the version in Spanish

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