CADHAC in the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights in Washington DC

On Thursday 14 March, 2013, representatives of Mexican civil society organizations, including Ana Luna of the legal Area of CADHAC, participated in two hearings in the 147 ° session of the Inter-American Commission of Human rights (IACHR) in Washington, D.C.. The first, requested by the Mexican State was on the “Priorities in the field of human rights and legislative harmonization in Mexico”; and second, requested by organizations of civil society was on the “Challenges in the field of human rights in Mexico”. At both hearings, the Mexican Government delegation was headed by the Undersecretary of Legal Affairs and Human rights, Lia Limon.

The main achievement of both hearings was the continuation of promoting a visit “in loco” of the IACHR in order to carry out the update of the report on Mexico. More information on the work agenda that SEGOB and the PGR will be driving in coming months could be considered an additional achievement.

In the follow-up to the hearings (Friday, March 5), Stephanie Brewer (ProDH), Cristina Hardaga (Tlachinollan), Daniel Joloy (CMDPDH) and Ana Luna (CADHAC), presented in a public event organized by WIPO Washington Office of Latin America (WOLA), the main challenges in the field of human rights in Mexico, as well as urgent actions that the Mexican State should undertake to deal with them.

On Saturday March 16, together with family members and organizations of the civil society of Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru, CADHAC participated in the hearing “Enforced disappearances in the Americas”, exposing the persistent practice and impunity for these crimes.  Official numbers from the four countries exceed 107,000 missing persons. At this hearing, petitioners the requested the creation of a Special Rapporteur, unit or task force on the subject in consultation with states and organizations of relatives and human rights submit  and the publication of a report in 2014.

This was the first CADHAC participation in hearings before the IACHR. It was a very enriching experience, not only for Ana Luna, but for the whole team.

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