FUUNDEC’s February Meeting with State Authorities

On February 9th, the United Forces for our Disappeared in Coahuila (FUUNDEC) held a meeting with members of the Independent Working Group on Forced Disappearances, and several state and federal authorities.  State authorities included the Governor of the State of Coahuila, Lic. Rubén Ignacio Moreira Valdez, the Secretariat of Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Secretary of the Interior (SEGOB), Lia Limón Garcia, the Human Rights Department of the Attorney General Office (PGR), Ricardo Garcia Cervantes, the State Coordinator for the Federal Police in Coahuila Commissioner, Eduardo Valiente Hernández, and the Congresswoman Miriam Cárdenas Cantu.

The Independent Working Group (IWG) presented its second report, which focused on three main themes:  interviews with public officials, examination questions and call for proposal for the comprehensive Forum on the disappearance of persons in Coahuila.  The IWG identified that “one of the recurrences (which the Secretary repeated) is that no one was prepared for the phenomenon of forced disappearances, but that in six years of the oldest case recorded by FUUNDEC, it was difficult to maintain the same perspective.”

In this meeting, FUUNDEC recognized the importance of the creation of the Forum on the disappearances in Coahuila in order to start a dialogue with experts at the national and international level. The Governor of Coahuila accepted the organization of this forum proposed by the IWG.

The Governor promised to arrange a meeting between FUUNDEC, United Forces for Our Disappeared in Mexico (FUNDEM) and the National Conference of Governors (CONAGO) in order to address the problem of disappearances in Mexico and give FUNDEM the opportunity to make some proposals in this regard to the state governors.

The coordinator of the Federal Police in Coahuila informed that the Federal Police will provide a research team to the state government to facilitate the search of missing persons, which is one of the federal government commitment’s with FUUNDEC.

The Office of Legal Affairs and Human Rights promised to arrange a meeting with the Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, to be held on Feb. 19 in Mexico City. On February 20, there will be a meeting between FUNDEM and the Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam. The Congress woman Miriam Cárdenas Cantu informed FUUNDEC of the fulfillment of the commitment made last December between FUNDEM and the Commission of Human Rights of the Chamber of Deputies, which will be held on February 21 in Mexico City.

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