Letter to former President Felipe Calderon from FUNDEM (United Forces for Our Disappeared in Mexico) Mexico City, 25 November 2012

Are you leaving with a clear conscience?

The members of FUNDEM wish to express our anger, outrage and boredom against Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, who caused the tragedy that left hundreds of thousands of orphans, maimed mothers, families torn apart and the latent pain for the next generations. FELIPE DE JESUS CALDERON HINOJOSA: The nation will remember you as the cruelest, the most bloodthirsty and inept President in the history of Mexico. Our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are not collateral damage of your war; they are innocent victims of your ambition, your political myopia, enormous ego and lust for power.  Our relatives have names; they are not a number of a preliminary investigation or a lengthy Act. They have dreams, stories of life, and above all, a family that loves them and will look for them every moment of their lives.

As President, you refused to listen to us and you criminalized our missing ones.  While you had the power, money, and weapons, you did nothing to prevent this humanitarian tragedy. Perhaps, as they are not your children, you did not look for them. Your failed war and your ambition had no limits, history and our families shall remind you of it.  During your six years, you also vanished justice and the right to the truth; your bad Government was characterized by simulation, impunity, corruption, barbarism, the plunder of our rights and null institutionalism and governance or… perhaps it was intentional? Either way, you are responsible for this tragedy, because your constitutional duty was to ensure our security and all our rights, something that – clearly – you were not competent in accomplishing.

All persons are equal before the law – according to our Constitution – but you labeled us and applied justice selectively. For this reason, our claims shall be your shadow and will follow you wherever you go. You will not sleep.  We are going to let you sleep when justice comes for our sons and daughters.  We know that if you did not care about Mexicans, you cared less for our brothers and sisters from Central American, who also demanded justice for their loved ones.  Their loved ones became victims of disappearance when they crossed our country in search for a better life for their families.

You slaughtered the people that you “governed.”  Yet, you have not defeated them. That is why, despite the pain, we raise our voices today to tell you that we are not defeated and we intend to find our loved ones.  We also want national and international justice and history to condemn you… because we, their families and society as a whole are missing their disappeared relatives.

“Vivos se los llevaron y vivos los queremos” (Alive they were taken, alive we want them back)

Fuerzas Unidas por Nuestros Desaparecidos (as) en México

*note from nomorebloodinmexico: Felipe Calderon will be a fellow in Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government during 2013, where you can contact him via e-mail to remind him the message of the families of FUNDEM.

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